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Course Trailer and Sales Video 

Michael Girdley, The Complete HoldCo Course

Syga Thomas, Smart Investor Academy

Annie Miller, Calm Your Brain Heal Your Pain

Greg O'Brien and John Malone, Tax Planning Blueprint

Course Sales and Landing Pages

Optimized for Mobile

Zain Jaffer, Property Management Basics

Glen Mclvor, Grow Today Academy

Content Supercharger Masterclass

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Gabriel Duncan, Airway Matters Most

Kaila Uli, Content Supercharger

Erich Rifenburgh, The Negotiation Experience

Nick Woo, Align AI

Voiceover and Ai Examples

Grow Today Academy

Certified Men’s Health Educator

Simour Design

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The Alliance

The Alliance is the world’s most forward-thinking community-led professional development platform for high-growth organizations and individuals based in London, England. CourseClout led the sourcing for 20 online courses. Over 200 enterprise professionals were recruited for fellowship, course peer reviewing, coaching or teaching opportunities. Online courses created were in sales, product marketing, customer success and product management with leadership professionals partnering from companies such as Google, Adobe, HP, and more. CourseClout built out the learning management system for the Sales Enablement Collective, Customer Success Collective, and Product-Led Alliance online schools.


Annie Miller, Psychotherapist

Calm Your Brain, Heal Your Pain

Greg O'Brien, Founder & CEOGO CPA

Tax Planning

Jay Roy, FounderNext Generation Health Analytics

Healthcare and Technology Apprenticeship

Nick Woo, Solutions DirectorAlign AI

Data Stewardship & Quality

Mitra Silva, Founder Simour Design

Project Lead Training

Zain Jaffer, Partner Blue Field Capital

Property Management Basics

Peep Laja, CEOCXL

Brand Marketing Minidegree

Richard King, Founder and CEOProduct Marketing Alliance

Product marketing

Nour Alhamwi, FounderNour Alhamwi Design & Marketing

Brand and Soul

Syga Thomas, Founder and CEOProduct Marketing Alliance

Syga Thomas Smart Investing Academy

A proven strategy based on over 100 courses.

"CourseClout has the best course creators out there. We had an extremely tight deadline that this team beat. They kept us on track, were professional and possessed expert level skills with the course creation."

Greg O'Brien

Founder and CEO of Anomaly CPA, Voted #1 Tax Strategist in the US for 2023

"CourseClout helped move forward our capabilities around building courses. The execution was not only flawless, but they also helped us set up our workflows and processes. We're in a much better place as a business now thanks to CourseClout."

Brendan Kelly

Co-Founder, AlignAI

"We were so lucky to have found CourseClout as our partner in putting together our teams HR training program. They are true experts in their field! They went above and beyond to ensure our happiness with our training course. All our course participants are raving about it too! They made learning easy and fun!"

Mitra Silva

Founder and CEO, Simour Design

"The CourseClout team is proactive and very organized. They’ve been patient and involved in every step of the journey from brainstorming content, writing scripts to setting up the backend and promoting the course. Looking forward to working with them over the long term."

Zain Jaffer

Investor and Founder, PropTechVC

"We are delighted with the creativity, attention to detail and skill that was put into creating this complex high-level on-line learning program. The team at CourseClout did a great job not only putting the program together but also providing very helpful and on-point advise and consultations"

Dr. Salvatore J. Giorgianni

Vice-President and Co-Founder, Healthy Men Inc.

"I recently finished working with CourseClout to create my course content and I highly recommend them! They helped me work through the challenges of course creation with professionalism, empathy, and personal attention. CourseClout is not your typical team to work with. They really stand out with the way they go above and beyond for their clients. They truly understand courses and how to create and market them and their patience and kindness set them apart. I will definitely be working with CourseClout again!"

Annie Miller

Founder and CEO, DC Metro Therapy

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How we can help you

Curriculum Development

  • Curriculum design & strategy
  • Full course scripting
  • Custom slide deck design
  • Branded tools & templates design


  • Expert localized videographer & studio
  • Hands-on production coordination
  • Course footage edit 
  • Course packaging
  • Videographer
  • Studio

Learning Management System (LMS) and Launch

  • Prospect-to-student sales page
  • Fluid checkout page
  • Custom domain
  • Direct response copywriting
  • Automated post-checkout email sequence

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