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Michael Girdley

Public Figure, Investor and Entrepreneur

“I’ve never built a course before, we didn’t know what it would be like to build a masterclass like we did, which was a very big expansive course. We did it in a way that anyone from a beginner, to anyone who was a seasoned expert could leverage what we built and use that to build their own holding company. It was wonderful to have a partner that was there every step of the way. From strategy to pricing, to marketing the course, as well as what into the script, and the production and editing, and eventual publication and launch, it’s nice to have the course pay for itself, in the first few days. It’s been great to sell it to a number of people, well over 100 now. Have been able to invest back into his content. Financially it’s proven to be a great return on investment and a great return on my time.”

Lucia Antunez

Founder, The Concierge Hub

"Grateful to CourseClout for turning my course into a reality! They went above and beyond with the entire creation process and by handling the video production for the course, meticulously searching and selecting a highly skilled professional right here in my country. From landing page design to the development of materials and features- they took care of everything that was needed. Every team member played an integral part, offering valuable assistance and helping me clarify my doubts and concerns throughout the journey. A big thank you to everyone involved!"

Erich Rifenburgh

Principle The Negotiation Experience, B2B Negotiation Training

“What I liked about working with CourseClout is they did a really good job of walking me through the entire process from beginning to end. I really had no experience creating a class online. They were instrumental in helping me create the content. Gave lot’s of guidance on how to do the filming and creation of the videos for that content. They helped me create the scripts and the quizzes. I would absolutely recommend them. They brought a lot to the table in terms of how to work with the LMS. They helped me create a class where a client could go from beginning to end and really learn something and develop a new skill. I would absolutely refer CourseClout to other organizations. If you have no idea how to set up and create an online course, these are the guys you want to go with. They bring a lot of value for the price that they charge, and they would be a great partner to anyone looking to start out creating online classes, or even if you’re a larger enterprise looking to create a larger offering, they’re also quite capable.” 

Miri Rodriguez

Head of Global Internships, Microsoft

"I was approached by CourseClout to produce a storytelling digital course. From their initial contact email to the post-production details, as a product manager and marketer, CourseClout showed up incredibly empathetic, professional, and agile. I was impressed by their relationship management as a stakeholder and very much appreciated their intentionality in ensuring both myself and the production would be at an optimal state through the project..."

Therese ten Brinke

Executive Director of Innovation

“So good. It’s really engaging. It’s the most immersed I’ve ever been, and I’m really familiar with the content. It kept me wanting to go back. It’s so much better than what we had previously.” 

Maureen Todaro

Independent Consultant, Marketing

While CourseClout was with CXL, they recruited me to film an analyst relations course for CXL’s product marketing minidegree. This was an entirely new experience for me. Courseclout walked me through the full process, provided all the tools and templates I needed to create the course, and was very professional and a great communicator. They let me know what to expect, how to prepare and kept me on track to deliver the course. They also spent the entire day with me while filming. Courseclout is bright, curious and a natural collaborator. Any organization would be lucky to have them on their team.

Amber Marchant

Founder, Breast Health Bootcamp

"I was nervous about starting this project but CourseClout put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. He listened to my requirements and gave excellent advice. Thay have a wealth of knowledge, are great communicators and goes above and beyond. I would 100% recommend CourseClout and I hope we get to work together again soon."

Syga Thomas

Investor and Entrepreneur, Former U.S. Diplomat

"CourseClout has done a masterful job at building my digital courses. They are extremely organized, skillful, and get how to build something special. From day one, I could tell that I was working with a group of professionals which only made my job that much easier. My courses have turned out far better than what I could have ever imagined. For that reason I am forever grateful. I look forward to working on more courses in the future."

Greg O'Brien

Founder and CEO, GOCPA

"CourseClout has the best course creators out there. We had an extremely tight deadline that this team beat. They kept us on track, were professional and possessed expert level skills with the course creation."

Mitra Silva

Founder and CEO, Simour Design

"We were so lucky to have found CourseClout as our partner in putting together our teams HR training program. They are true experts in their field! They went above and beyond to ensure our happiness with our training course. All our course participants are raving about it too! They made learning easy and fun!"

Dr. Salvatore J. Giorgianni

Vice-President and Co-Founder, Healthy Men Inc.

"We are delighted with the creativity, attention to detail, and skill that was put into creating this complex high-level online learning program. The team at CourseClout  did a great job not only putting the program together but also providing very helpful and on-point advice and consultations."

Chad Sanderson

Head of Data, Convoy

"I worked with CourseClout producing videos for my analytics course. They did a great job, were extremely professional, and the course turned out great. Years later I'm still getting compliments on the quality."

Eric Stewart

Founder, Lender Language

"Hey, this is Eric Stewart here from Lender Language. Great job on the course guys. They were fast, efficient and put out a real quality product. Great communication, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again."

Jon Sherman 

Amazon #1 Best-Seller, The Four Foundations of Golf Masterclass

“The team at CourseClout did an excellent job of making my course come to life based on my book. Their attention to detail in each phase of the process made the project run smoothly. On the day of the shoot, I felt prepared and organized. They delivered a product that I'm proud of and educates my audience efficiently!"

Les O'Hara

Founder and CEO, Build12

“Will look to use them again when we build our next course.”

Robert Rodine

Chief Operating Officer, Inspire Nurse Leaders

"We had an great experience working with CourseClout, which provided top-notch customization services for our Kajabi site. From the initial discussions to the final delivery, they were professional and responsive. Their quick turnaround time, proactive communication, and outstanding customer service made the entire process stress-free and enjoyable. I recommend Course Clout for anyone looking to customize their Kajabi site." 

Kaila Uli

Business Owner and TikTok Content Strategist

"Honestly, CourseClout is on point. I am extremely disorganized and hard to manage, and they pushed through it all with amazing enthusiasm and brought my course to market. Always delivered on time. Fabulous team."

Brendan Kelly

Co-Founder, AlignAI

"CourseClout helped move forward our capabilities around building courses. The execution was not only flawless, but they also helped us set up our workflows and processes. We're in a much better place as a business now thanks to CourseClout."

Zain Jaffer

Investor and Founder, PropTechVC

"The CourseClout team is proactive and very organized. They’ve been patient and involved in every step of the journey from brainstorming content, writing scripts to setting up the backend and promoting the course. Looking forward to working with them over the long term."

Annie Miller

Founder and CEO, DC Metro Therapy

"I recently finished working with CourseClout to create my course content and I highly recommend them! They helped me work through the challenges of course creation with professionalism, empathy, and personal attention. CourseClout is not your typical team to work with. They really stand out with the way they go above and beyond for their clients. They truly understand courses and how to create and market them and their patience and kindness set them apart. I will definitely be working with CourseClout again!"

Stephen Kane

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Atom Finance

"I worked with CourseClout to build out a product marketing minidegree for CXL. They quarterbacked the whole thing and made me as an instructor feel incredibly prepared and comfortable leading up to filming. From our initial kick-off call to the content creation along the way, they were super responsive, proactive with milestone reminders, and a delight to work with overall. Highly recommend!"

Ben Lebay

CEO, Speero

"Working with CourseClout was a pleasure. I filmed my course with them, and they facilitated the whole process from video production to pushing me on the project management pieces of timelines and content organization. They were professional, super on top of the organization, and provided great feedback that went beyond what was expected. Would love to work with them again."

Dave Sottimano

Director, David Sottimano Search Consulting

"Worked with CourseClout on a course project and was impressed by their professionalism and general ability to help get things done.  Creative young talents that I'm happy to endorse."

Andy McCotter-Bicknell

Head of Competitive Intelligence, ClickUp

CourseClout guided me through my role as an instructor for CXL's Product Marketing Minidegree. The expertise, communication, and recommendations that they offered led to a successful outcome with no hiccups. Their passion for education is palpable—they raise the bar for every coworker and instructor that they work with. I hope to work with them again"

Greg O’Brien

Co-CEO, Anomaly CPA

“Over the past two years, we’ve gone from zero to one hundred. We had no marketing system in place, no direct outreach to prospects, no social media. We now have a best-in-class, in our industry, system setup in marking. It’s led to over six figures in views that has led to new business opportunities, new employee opportunities, it’s led to people telling their friend or colleague about us and they’ve. Reached out. It’s continuously grown and it’s like an engine. We now show up and know we’re going to have between 50-75 leads per month that are already pre-filtered coming through our system. As far as recommending CourseClout, I would highly recommend them, 10/10, for you to work with them. They’re definitely different from other groups you’re gonna find on the market. They’re going to be more hands-on, they’re going to understand some of the latest techniques as far as funnel and media goes that a lot of people we found did not understand. You’ve got to take the leap, you’ve got to be consistent. So, understand that if you put the time and you put the effort in, it will probably work out.”

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