Yes, education can change the world. But first we need to change education.


All of us have had to sit through a class, seminar, or course where the the most interesting thing about it was the fly zooming around the instructors head. 

That's not what we do here.

We looked at other courses out there and asked ourselves: "Where's the magic? How does this inspire someone to take that knowledge and use it to change their world?" 

The answer, in most cases, was rather depressing. It's not there. It doesn't.

That's what we set out to change. We don't do boring. We do bingeworthy. Blockbuster, not B-movie. 

Our team of world-class project managers, videographers, designers, content creators, marketing strategists, copywriters, and course strategists are here to help you bring your vision to life and serve it up in a way that leaves your student ready for more. 

Because who really likes canteen food? We say everyone deserves a good steak every now and then. That's right. 


Gourmet education. For everyone. 


"I was the only one of my friends who had the opportunity to go to college. That was hard. Seeing the people I love get left behind taught me the true value of education. And the cost of not being able to get it. With CourseClout I aim to democratize access to quality education, by making attractive, bingeable courses that reward their creators as they transform their students. If you're having doubts about whether or not you should make a course, I want to tell you something true: The knowledge you possess has the power to change someone's world"

Delano Covarrubias, Founder and CEO of CourseClout

Our Core Team

Delano Covarrubias, MSTC

Founder and CEO
Serial entrepreneur, experience working with top course creation and technology companies, accelerators, VC's.
3 Fun Facts:
He loves basketball and the San Antonio Spurs.
He loves to travel and is a digital nomad.
He played guitar in an indie band in high school.

Shailja Kaushik, MBA

Lead Training and Curriculum Developer
14+ years of experience in corporate training and curriculum development projects.
3 Fun Facts:
She's a fan of nature, clean eating and minimalism.
She’s on a mission to raise awareness about the importance of healthy and sustainable living.
She loves running!

Michael Gallagher

Creative Director
Film, documentary, corporate video and online course video-producer with 5+ years of experience.
3 Fun Facts:
He enjoys woodworking with hand tools in his spare time.
He co-founded a small local meadery, Cerana Meadery, with four of his friends.
He’s obsessed with Iceland. He first visited in 2017, and then again in 2018.

Jacob Olivier

Lead Course Creator
Playable birthday card freelancer, creative writer, children's book author and 7+ years teaching English in China.
3 Fun Facts:
He lived in China for over 7 years.
He's seen the Lord of the Rings Trilogy 27 times (that's a guess).
He usually starts imitating people's accent soon after meeting them.

Donna Leen Mingo

Head Designer
6+ years of experience in graphic design. She has a strong background in creating visually stunning designs for a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large corporations.
3 Fun Facts:
She's a fan of reading web novels especially in mystery and sci fi genres.
She's a tech savyy person who likes to learn new technologies.
She is a big time gamer!

Marlyn Del Rosario

Executive Assistant
Marlyn is a dedicated and hardworking Virtual Assistant with 3 years of experience. She has excellent attention to detail and proven organizational skills. She is adaptable to new responsibilities and proficient in handling various administrative tasks.
3 Fun Facts:
While not working, she focuses her time on her kids and loves to create learning materials for them!
She loves to watch Kdramas and Action/Fantasy movies.
She loves a good nursery rhyme session with her kids.

Alex Kraun

Video Editor
Alex Kraun has been working with video for about 8 years. 7 of which were on television in the field of sports online broadcasts.
3 Fun Facts:
He was first educated as a helicopter pilot.
He had the opportunity to work with,,, and
He’s a proud Ukrainian!

Reid Thomas, MSTC

Former startup founder, fortune 50 tech sales executive, global K-16 educator, a higher education consultant and a PMI certified Project Management Professional.
3 Fun Facts:
He's a futurist that believes that the singularity in inevitable. Resistance is futile.
He used to play in bands at places like patrick swayze's Roadhouse.
He's an Old China Hand that makes fried rice better than your local place.

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A proven strategy based on over 100 courses.

Miri Rodriguez

Head of Global Internships, Microsoft

"I was approached by Courseclout to produce a storytelling digital course. From their initial contact email to the post-production details, as a product manager and marketer, Courseclout showed up incredibly empathetic, professional, and agile. I was impressed by their relationship management as a stakeholder and very much appreciated their intentionality in ensuring both myself and the production would be at an optimal state through the project..."

Stephen Kane

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Atom Finance

"I worked with Courseclout to build out a product marketing minidegree for CXL. They quarterbacked the whole thing and made me as an instructor feel incredibly prepared and comfortable leading up to filming. From our initial kick-off call to the content creation along the way, they were super responsive, proactive with milestone reminders, and a delight to work with overall. Highly recommend!"

Amber Marchant

Founder, Breast Health Bootcamp

"I was nervous about starting this project, but Courseclout put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. They listened to my requirements and gave excellent advice. They have a wealth of knowledge, are great communicators, and go above and beyond. I would 100% recommend Courseclout, and I hope we get to work together again soon."

Nour Alhamwi

Founder, Nour Alhamwi Design & Marketing

"It was a pleasure working with CourseClout. They have great knowledge in course creation and were able to help me out with my online course. I highly recommend them and would definitely work with them again."

Ben Lebay

CEO, Speero

"Working with CourseClout was a pleasure. I filmed my course with them, and they facilitated the whole process from video production to pushing me on the project management pieces of timelines and content organization. They were professional, super on top of the organization, and provided great feedback that went beyond what was expected. Would love to work with them again."

Maureen Todaro

Independent Consultant, Marketing

"While CourseClout was with CXL, they recruited me to film an analyst relations course for CXL’s product marketing minidegree. This was an entirely new experience for me. CourseClout walked me through the full process, provided all the tools and templates I needed to create the course, and was very professional and a great communicator. They let me know what to expect, how to prepare, and kept me on track to deliver the course. They also spent the entire day with me while filming. CourseClout is bright, curious, and a natural collaborator. Any organization would be lucky to have them on their team."

Chad Sanderson

Head of Data, Convoy

"I worked with CourseClout producing videos for my analytics course. They did a great job, were extremely professional, and the course turned out great. Years later I'm still getting compliments on the quality."

Dave Sottimano

Director, David Sottimano Search Consulting

"Worked with CourseClout on a course project and was impressed by their professionalism and general ability to help get things done. A creative young talent that I'm happy to endorse."

Andy McCotter-Bicknell

Head of Competitive Intelligence, ClickUp

"CourseClout guided me through my role as an instructor for CXL's Product Marketing Minidegree. The expertise, communication, and recommendations that they offered led to a successful outcome with no hiccups. Their passion for education is palpable—they raise the bar for every coworker and instructor that they work with. I hope to work with them again!"

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